Electric Services

We offer full range of servicing for all types of electrical repairs, troubleshooting and rewiring of your vehicle. Sometimes you may face problems while starting up your car and notice other problems with the electrical system. Are you aware of the problems that actually affect your electrical system. Some of the hassles that you face with your vehicle's electrical system are:

Common Electrical System Problemsincludes:

Car's Battery Is Dead - This is the most common problem. Your car's battery might be dead, thus inviting troubles for your vehicle.

No Power Stored in the Battery - This is possible that your car's battery does not have ample power so that it can spin the engine.

Alternator is Not Working - At times, a damaged alternator might be the cause for the hassle. Such an alternator will not charge the battery.

Problem with Starter or Solenoid - These bad auto parts will affect the functioning of a braking system.

Problem with Battery Cables - A loose cable might be the root of the problem.

Electrical Fuses - If there are any damaged electrical fuse or loose wire, it might affect the smooth functioning of electrical system.

Cracks in Alternator Belt - Tension as well as crack in the alternator belt causes trouble.

Ignition coil ,ignition plug wire, spark plug, vacuum system, air vacuum , air flow sensor, maf sensor, EGR valve.

Problems with Ignition System– This is a commonthat cause breakdown of a vehicle. Any auto part of automobile ignition system like ignition switch, magento, coil wire, etc might have caused the problem.

Loose Spark Plugs - These electrical devices have loosened or may not be properly implanted into internal combustion engine.

Ignition coil :- Faulty coils may cause the vehicle to experience misfires, a rough idle, a loss in power and acceleration, and a reduction in gas mileage. In some case the performance issues may even result in the vehicle stalling.

Fuel Pump problem:- Fuel Pimp Problem or failure are caused due to contamination, overheating, and the gears in the fuel pump wearing out over time. By running on a low gas tank, the fuel in the gas tank heats up a lot quicker causing the fuel pump to overheat or even worse, run dry.

Engine misfires:- Engine misfires are caused due to worn spark plugs, weak fuel injector, vacuum leak, worn valve seals, carbon tracking, and no voltage at the coil. Misfiring engines should be looked at as soon as possible, as the problem can worsen over time and damage internal components of the vehicle.

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