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We offer full range of interior and exterior body works covering all needs ranging from painting, full body colour changing, denting and chaise alignment for your vehicle.

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Denting & Repair in Dubai

Paint LessDent removal: We have professional and experienced dent removal technicians to remove the dent without effecting the paint. This can be done if it is a minor dent on any part of the car or 4X4 body. Minor dents can be removed with 1 or 2 hours. If the dent is extensive we undertake dent removal process followed by proper painting on the panel or body panel with same as the body colour of your vehicle. We have qualified and experienced technician with proper equipment, tools and paint finishing products to perform any dent repair with proper standards.

Accident Repair: MRG Auto Garage has experienced and qualified technicians to repair any car accident repair for damaged cars. With proper equipment and experienced technician,we assist to restore any vehicle back to its original shape and dimensions. Please call MRG Auto Garage on 04 – 2328400 / 058 103 2591 – 92 or book your appointment online.

Alloy Wheel Repair:Alloy wheel damages are repaired before powder coatingor painting to ensure they have a smoothfinish and long life. Our standard alloy refurbishment is quick and hassle free. Our highly trained experienced technicians are able to rectify any issues with the alloy wheel, we guarantee a great resultfor your alloy wheel rims.

Please call MRG Auto Garage on 04 – 2328400 / 058 103 2591 – 92 or book your appointment online.

Painting services in Dubai

Under Body Servicesavailable

Under Body rust proofing Coating: MRG Auto Garage relies exclusively on reputed brands for rust proofing for your vehicle. The climatic conditions in Dubai can cause extensivecorrosion and rust to your car or4x4.Rustproofing and undercoating of your vehicle can protect it from corrosion from water, chemicals, dirt, debris, and rust. If you are not doing rust proofing for your car the metal can lose its material strength and permeability to liquids and gases, and will have an adverse effect on body of the vehicle. The main advantage of rustproofingis that it will increase the lifespan of your car or 4X4.